Katy Tur Has to Explain to GOP Rep. Why Trump Asking For Loyalty From Comey Is Wrong


Following the release of the prepared remarks fired FBI Director James Comey will deliver at the start of tomorrow’s highly anticipated Congressional hearing, MSNBC’s Katy Tur welcomed a Republican congressman on to discuss the revelations in the statement.

Regarding Comey’s comments that President Donald Trump asked for loyalty from him, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) likened it to him asking his staffers to be loyal.

“I expected loyalty from my staff in Congress and I would hope President Trump would have loyalty from his FBI director and other key principals,” Stewart said. “It’s a little awkward for many of us to make it so plain and so blunt, but i don’t think it’s particularly nefarious.”

The MSNBC host pushed back against Stewart’s comparison, pointing out that Comey himself said he is loyal to the Constitution, not a president.

“To be fair, the FBI director really isn’t the same — it’s not really his staff member,” Tur explained. “It’s not the same if he was an employee or manager or executive at one of his businesses. The FBI director is loyal to the Constitution. He’s not loyal to the president and he made that pretty clear.”

The Utah lawmaker attempted to justify his observation, saying that since Comey took an outh to the Constitution, he isn’t any different than anyone who works at the White House. However, he did concede that Comey wasn’t a member of the president’s staff, which he guessed could make some feel “a little uncomfortable” when it comes to a loyalty pledge.

Later on in the interview, Tur would again lecture the congressman when he attempted to excuse the president’s behavior by saying Trump “probably didn’t get a sense early enough of the fine line between his relationship as a president and a director with an ongoing investigation.”

“This is not somebody learning on the job in most industries,” she responded. “This is the President of the United States, you’re saying, who is learning on the job.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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