Katy Tur: NY Times Report May Give Trump ‘Justification’ for Getting Rid of Mueller


There are a lot of big questions surrounding the bombshell New York Times report on Rod Rosenstein, including whether this came from people looking to take down the Deputy AG.

On MSNBC this afternoon, former US attorney and senior FBI official Chuck Rosenberg told Katy Tur that “it’s not unusual for folks to sit around and throw out ideas” like wiretaps or recording conversations, the latter of which the Times report says Rosenstein talked about but did not act on.

Rosenberg said this is clearly a big deal if this was under serious consideration, as opposed to just an idea being thrown out there.

A stunned Tur said, “If this is true, if the White House sees this as credible in any way, this is bad news, I imagine, for Rod Rosenstein. It’s bad news for his tenure. I imagine the President would want to get rid of him. He already does want to get rid of him. But this would give him justification for doing so.”

Rosenstein has denied the reporting, while the DOJ provided a source claiming that the comment about wearing a wire was sarcastic.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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