Katy Tur on Trump G-7 Comments: We’re Seeing Him ‘Run Directly Towards Vladimir Putin’


MSNBC’s Katy Tur was pretty stunned today by President Trump talked about reinstating Russia in the group of industrialized nations now called the G-7.

Tur said to Ali Velshi, “It does kind of feel like Donald Trump is almost out to create a new world order. He’s punishing our allies, he’s not showing them very much respect, showing up at this meeting late. At the same time, he’s embracing Vladimir Putin, he embraced the king of Saudi Arabia, he is talking very friendly towards Kim Jong Un, and certainly very friendly towards Xi Jinping.”

Velshi picked up on the “you’re not more important to me because you’re an ally” aspect of what Trump is doing on trade.

Tur circled back to Russia and Trump’s comments today:

“Why does [Trump] continue to run towards controversy? He has all this smoke surrounding what may or may not have happened during the campaign with Russia and with his campaign, and instead of backing off of it, instead of distancing himself, we continue to see him run directly towards Vladimir Putin, almost as if there is no concern whatsoever for Vladimir Putin meddling in our elections, for Russians shooting down a commercial plane… for Russia annexing Crimea––which is the reason why they’re not in the G-8!”

Bloomberg News’ Shannon Pettypiece said these arguments have been made to Trump and people close to him have warned about the idea of a summit with Putin.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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