Katy Tur Recaps All the Giuliani ‘Absurdity’: ‘I’m Sure You’re Probably Laughing at Home’


“Welcome to what feels like a theater of the absurd involving the President and his legal team.”

Katy Tur opened today’s MTP Daily by recapping craziness that exploded in the past week thanks to one-man storm Rudy Giuliani.

First there was the big initial furor over the Stormy Daniels payment, but Giuliani talking about separating fact, opinion, and rumor really baffled Tur.

“Isn’t separating facts from opinion something the President’s lawyer should know how to do?” she asked. “Shouldn’t a human know how to do that?”

With so much talk recently about waning White House credibility, Tur took a moment as she ran clips from the Rudy-a-thon to say, “I’m sure you’re probably laughing at home. Guys, we’ve hit a level of absurdity where the President’s lawyer isn’t sure how to answer what is perhaps the most basic question involving the Stormy Daniels case.”

That being Giuliani hedging on whether Trump even met her in the first place, of which there is actual photographic evidence.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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