Kavanaugh’s Lawyer Decries ‘Both Sides of the Aisle’ For Exploiting Allegations For ‘Own Political Purposes’


Beth Wilkinson, lawyer for Brett Kavanaugh, decried “both sides of the aisle” for exploiting the sexual misconduct allegations against her client for their own political gain in a CNN interview on Wednesday.

CNN’s John Berman first asked Wilkinson about the latest news that Ford provided the Senate Judiciary Committee with sworn declarations from four people confirming that she told them at various points in recent years that she was assaulted.

Wilkinson pointed out that Ford spoke to those four people decades after the alleged incident, and that the first time was 2012, when she made the claim to her therapist.

The CNN host asked Wilkinson if she agreed that sexual assault victims often don’t speak out about their abuse.

“There’s lots of reasons why women don’t talk about sexual assault when it happens, and nobody is questioning why women might not do that,” Wilkinson said.

“For the exact reason we’re seeing today: people on both sides of the aisle are using this for their own political purposes,” she continued. “And I feel badly for her. She did not want to come forward, she did not want to say anything, she did not want her name used and somebody leaked her name and forced her to have to be part of this. I don’t think that’s fair to her, I surely don’t think it’s fair to Judge Kavanaugh. And I think people using this whole thing for whatever their purposes are, is dragging down the entire national discourse over something that is so serious, and over a position, Supreme Court justice, that is also so important.”

Berman then questioned Wilkinson about Kavanaugh’s widely mocked virgin defense — a profound waste of time, as that’s been debunked — and the lawyer responded by vehemently rejecting Michael Avenatti‘s thus far unfounded claims.

Watch above, via CNN. Watch part one of Wilkinson’s interview here.

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