Kayleigh McEnany on WH Not Letting Fauci Testify to House: Dem Chair Was Not Acting ‘In Good Faith’


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that the Trump administration is preventing Dr. Anthony Fauci from testifying before the House because Chairwoman Nita Lowey “did not act in good faith.”

Referring to comments made by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason questioned if the fact that Dr. Facui would not testify before the House because it is filled with “Trump haters” aligned with the transparency she had promised.

McEnany then clarified that Dr. Fauci will be testifying before the Senate and will only be blocked from appearing in front of the House, later noting that the Senate is made up of both Democrats and Republicans.

“The House, however, and specifically Chairwoman Nita Lowey’s committee did not act in good faith, McEnany added. “Mark Meadows had three calls with chairwoman Nita Lowey three nights ago when she called to ask if Dr. Fauci could testify before a subcommittee hearing and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has made clear he wants to make best use of the task force members’ time.”

McEnany then claimed that Lowey was unable to explain why she wanted Dr. Fauci to testify and did not follow up the next morning. McEnany later called Lowey’s press release on the matter a “publicity stunt” and “encouraged the House to act in good faith.”

ABC News White House correspondent Jon Karl followed up on the matter, questioning how the White House can “decide to have officials testify in the Republican-controlled Senate but not testify in the Democrat-controlled house?”

Karl addressed the House’s responsibility to have someone on the White House coronavirus task force testify, implying that they should have a role in oversight.

McEnany repeated that “the House has to act in good faith” and again labeled Lowey’s desire to have Dr. Fauci testify “a publicity stunt” because she was unable to disclose the subject matter of the hearing.

“Is the subject matter a mystery?” Karl shot back.

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