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Keith Olbermann and David Letterman Discuss Glenn Beck, The Tea Party, And The 2012 Election

Last night, while Bill O’Reilly was theorizing that David Letterman may have gone sour on President Obama, the talk show host was a few blocks away, making fun of all of those wacky Republicans with Keith Olbermann. The two discussed Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally (which Olbermann hilariously posited was merely about restoring money), the Tea Party, and Letterman’s old pal Sarah Palin.

Letterman pointed out that people like O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are all “wildly intelligent” and asked Olbermann if they really believed the things they say. Olbermann then told a story about meeting Limbaugh in 1980 when the future megastar desperately wanted to get on an ESPN football show. Olbermann remarked that some people will do anything to get on television. He did, however, note the irony that he was saying this while guesting on a TV talk show.

The interview was light hearted. But, really, we’re just waiting for another meeting between Letterman and O’Reilly, something the Fox News host promised would happen in the next few weeks during last night’s show.

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