Keith Olbermann “Called On Carpet” By Bosses For Bashing Bristol Palin?

A report citing an “MSNBC insider” in this morning’s Chicago Sun-Times suggests Countdown host Keith Olbermann got “called on the carpet” for his recent “Worst Persons” segment that bashed Bristol Palin for appearing in a public service ad for abstinence.

As Bill Zwecker writes in his column, the Olbermann segment which called Palin a hypocrite for appearing in the ad–since she has a child out of wedlock–was singled out for sharp criticism in house:

PICKING ON BRISTOL: Speaking of Olbermann, an MSNBC insider reports the talk-show host was “called on the carpet” by his bosses for declaring Bristol Palin “the worst person in the world” on his show last week — calling it “tacky” and “a cheap shot that was uncalled for.”

An MSNBC spokesperson says the Sun-Times story about Olbermann is “totally false.”

Palin herself shot back at Olbermann for the “Worst Persons” bit in a Facebook posting that may or may not have actually been written by the teenager, and later she went on a radio show and agreed that yes, Olbermann is a “dick.”

Palin’s even suggested she’d be willing to face down Olbermann live on his show, but so far that delicious moment has yet to happen. Perhaps a Christmas present for all of us?

Watch the “Worst Persons” segment from November 28th below:

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