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Keith Olbermann On The View’s Walkout: O’Reilly “Just Another Fox News Bigot”

Clearly, the topic of the day (and now, night) is the Behar/Goldberg walkout during Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on The View. Behar and O’Reilly each gave their sides on their programs tonight, and Keith Olbermann also threw his hat into the ring on Countdown. And when he did, he didn’t hold back…to his detriment.

Olbermann got to the walkout during “Worst Persons,” in which he gave O’Reilly “worse” status. After, um, bluntly calling O’Reilly’s new book “his latest bold, fresh piece of crap book” (though begrudgingly conceding his right to promote it), he lauded Behar and Goldberg for walking out “to thunderous applause.” Then, though, Olbermann delivered a humdinger of a line:

“Lost in that, of course, is that Bill O., without benefit of a script, revealed himself to be just another Fox News bigot, and Islamophobe.

Emphasis ours, because…wow. Olbermann added that he’s sad that he now feels O’Reilly is “just parroting Gretchen Carlson and Glenn Beck over there.” Clearly, though, the takeaway is the “bigot” line, because that’s no small accusation.

And in this case, it’s not a smart one. The source of the consternation on The View was O’Reilly saying, “Muslims killed us on 9/11” in voicing his opposition to the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. Is that enough to reasonably call him a “bigot and Islamophobe”? Of course not. As we said before, unless you’re a truther, the statement “Muslims killed us on 9/11” is literally technically true at a basic, and yes, dangerously oversimplified level.

O’Reilly’s sentence lacked nuance, but it wasn’t bigoted, nor did it prove Islamophobia. Behar walked out precisely because of such blanket statements – she thought O’Reilly was making one himself, but at least she didn’t level such a serious accusation as personal bigotry at him. And in doing so, Olbermann made himself more worthy of a “Worst Persons” spot than the man he gave that “Worse” title to tonight. Video of the segment below.

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