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Keith Olbermann Claims Glenn Beck Lied About National Archives Story

Yes, MSNBC is still talking about the Restoring Honor rally. Well, Keith Olbermann is at least. Tonight on Countdown, Olbermann pointed to a moment in Glenn Beck’s speech where he claimed to have gone to the National Archives and held a copy of George Washington’s first inaugural address in his hands. Anyone whose been to the National Archives might have though that unlikely, but only Olbermann would take the time to call the Archives up.

Olbermann got a quote from a spokeswoman from the Archives that said that, while Beck got a VIP tour of the facilities and saw the address, he never touched it. If that’s true, then it was a pretty stupid exaggeration for Beck to make. Still though, Olbermann came off really petty in the piece. Calling out a rival for a lie is one thing, devoting an entire segment to something so (relatively) insignificant half a week after the fact is another.

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