Keith Olbermann: Eric Holder Should’ve Resigned Before Making ‘Martyr’ Of Fox News Reporter

In response to a question from a fan on Monday afternoon, former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann suggested that Attorney General Eric Holder should have resigned or been fired from his post after the Associated Press phone records scandal broke, rather than having stayed on and effectively martyred a Fox News reporter.

“[W]hat’s your opinion of Atty Gen Holder? Is media overplaying its victimization?” a fan named Dina wrote to Olbermann. His response: “He should’ve resigned or been dismissed after the AP overreach. Instead he made a Fox News figure a martyr.”

In other words: Holder’s ouster should’ve happened immediately after the AP scandal broke because, by staying on, he made the mistake of fueling sympathy for Fox News reporter James Rosen once news broke that the DOJ had snooped on him as well.

The strangest part of Olbermann’s clear potshot at Fox: Regardless of whether Holder resigned after news of the AP snooping broke, he still would have been implicated for the Fox News scandal that made headlines several days later. A resignation or firing would not have changed history.

Either Olbermann was speaking purely in snark, or he misunderstands that both instances of DOJ overreach didn’t literally happen the week the news broke: The AP snooping occurred in 2012; Rosen’s investigation began in 2009. Holder was in charge during both.

[h/t Noel Sheppard]
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