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Keith Olbermann Gets Bad News on Sarah Palin Perjury Accusation

On last night’s Countdown, Keith Olbermann reported on perjury accusations leveled at Sarah Palin by little-blog-that-could Palingates. At issue is whether Palin opened herself up to criminal liability by claiming, at the trial of the man who hacked her email accounts, that she never diverted gubernatorial business to her personal email.

After presenting Palingates’ case, Keith brought in the Washington Post’s Dave “Reality Check” Weigel to ruin the fun.

As I’ve mentioned before, Weigel’s role on Countdown seems to be to throw some cold water on Olbermann’s fever dreams of Republican misfortune. If you throw in a few dozen one-liners, they’ve got the makings of a pretty good comedy duo:

I’m not a legal expert, but Weigel’s analysis sounds right to me. There’s more to proving perjury than meets the eye, and his (presumably disinterested) sources specifically say that the questioning was sufficiently narrow to avoid trapping Palin.

Keith takes the news, that Palin is probably in the clear, pretty well, even comically. Palingates (whose web address is not, as Keith says, but is a different story.

Rather than discuss the merits of Weigel’s analysis, they attack his objectivity. Their argument seems to center around Weigel calling them “Palin haters.” I hate to break it to you, Palingates, but you are.

That doesn’t mean they have nothing valuable to say, just that they shouldn’t be planting their flag on the idea of objectivity.

A Palin perjury trial would definitely be entertaining, if only for the spectacle of Republicans recycling Clinton-era defenses in service of Palin, but I think Keith, and everyone else in the media, are better off with Palin roaming free. When the town halls are empty, and the Tea Parties have all packed up, Sarah Palin will always be there to stir the pot.

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