Keith Olbermann Rains On Post-Election GOP Baseball-Bat-And-Tears Parade

Keith Olbermann‘s wrath against the right after last night’s election results was on vivid display tonight as he called out Republicans for their violence (through New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino), their sensitivity via House Minority Leader John Boehner, and their lack of clarity through MSNBC interviews with Reps. Marsha Blackburn and Eric Cantor.

Olbermann picked out the clips that appeared to be most representative of last night’s election results to him on Countdown tonight, opening up with Paladino’s deranged, weapon-wielding non-concession and adding only “holy crap” as commentary on that. Perhaps sensing that Paladino was not exactly a paradigm of Republican victories (he couldn’t even secure one for himself), he turned to deride Majority Leader Boehner’s passionate victory speech.

“Crying is the new thing,” Olbermann noted smugly (as if Glenn Beck hasn’t been doing it for two years now?), pushing aside his rage for long enough to jokingly call Boehner “Weeper of the House.” Then he played a highlight reel of Rep. Boehner’s teariest moments to suggest that the fact that he had cried publicly multiple times made the tears disingenuous. Done with this target, he moved to last night’s “tingle” moment on MSNBC, where Chris Matthews found himself cornered into explaining a comment he made in 2008 about then-Senator Obama’s speeches. Apparently physical reactions are a-ok for Olbermann when they travel up your thigh, but if they’re leaking out of your eyes they are a guaranteed fraud.

Olbermann also took some substantial shots at the aforementioned Reps. Blackburn and Cantor for being unable to give a “straight answer” on their plans to cut funding (Blackburn only went as far as to refuse to call military funding “discretionary,” while Cantor repeated his message of “get your business straight, Washington” without any further substantive notes). He ended the segment revealing his new send-off, which seemed to uncannily build upon the premise of our own Jon Bershad‘s angst this morning at waking up to an America with the same problems it had last night: “One day since Republicans took over the House: Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs?”

Olbermann’s Election Day recap via MSNBC below:

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