Keith Olbermann Reportedly Searching For New On-Air Gig

Less than a year after being dismissed from Current TV, Keith Olbermann has his eye on getting another on-air gig, according to a report from Forbes. He’s reportedly considering cable and broadcast alike.

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Per Forbes:

In recent weeks, Olbermann has reached out to executives at a slew of different networks to communicate his desire for a new on-air role, according to people with knowledge of those conversations. Those include both cable outlets and at least one broadcast network.

He has expressed interest in taking over as anchor of existing shows and in starting a new show. Indeed, several of the networks he’s approached don’t have any news programming per se on their schedules. His frustration at not having a real platform during the height of election season has been evident.

And that interest supposedly isn’t limited to news, also including sports coverage, and area Olbermann has background him from his days with SportsCenter and Football Night in America.

Current TV terminated Olbermann’s contract in March of this year. Prior to that, of course, Olbermann hosted a show on MSNBC.

(H/T Forbes)

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