Kellyanne Conway and CNN’s Dana Bash Clash Over Ukraine Call: ‘They’ve Got Their Aid!’


CNN’s Dana Bash confronted White House counselor Kellyanne Conway this morning on Ukraine and whether the aid to Ukraine was held up pending the announcement of investigations into the Bidens.

Conway brought up the transcript of the call and said there was nothing wrong with Trump bringing up Biden. She also took issue with Bash’s characterization of Biden as a major political rival of the president’s.

Bash repeatedly asked if it’s okay for the president to ask a foreign leader to look into Biden regardless of impact on an upcoming election.

Conway said it’s “not impeachable” and continued, “I feel comfortable saying that he never mentioned 2020, quid pro quo, holding up aid.”

She went down a list of reports from news outlets like CNN that covered questions about Biden and Ukraine. Bash responded, “It’s one thing for a reporter to talk about it, it’s another for a president to ask about it to a foreign leader.”

At one point, Bash brought up the testimony from officials “describing quid pro quo,” particularly Bill Taylor.

Bash asked, “Was the administration holding up military aid in exchange for this investigation?”

“They have the aid, they’re using their aid,” Conway said.

“But was it being held up at the time?” Bash said.

Conway said she’s cherry-picking testimony that’s been leaked, calling the impeachment process “flawed from the beginning.’

“I’m not talking about the process, I’m talking about the substance,” Bash said. “Was military aid…”

“They’ve got their aid,” Conway said.

“Now. I’m talking about then,” Bash said. “Was there a time when military aid was held up because the president wanted Ukraine to look into the Bidens?”

“I don’t know,” Conway responded. “But I know they’ve got their aid.”

“So it’s possible that that happened,” Bash said.

Conway insisted again that Ukraine now has the aid, “more aid than they had under the previous administration.”

Bash asked, “Can you say definitively no quid pro quo for this military aid?”

Conway pointed to “no quid pro quo in this call,” but Bash asked, “Beyond the call. Just in general… Was there one?”

“President Trump never said to the Ukrainian president, ‘do this and you’ll get your aid,'” Conway said.

You can watch part of their full interview above, via CNN.

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