Kellyanne Conway Battles MSNBC’s Welker While Spinning Trump’s Poor Polls: ‘Best Numbers We’ve Ever Had!’


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and NBC reporter Kristen Welker heated up on Wednesday when their conversation turned toward President Donald Trump’s apparent preoccupation with 2020 election polling data.

The two covered a number of topics in their broad-range interview, but things started to bubble up when Welker brought up new Quinnipiac poll numbers showing multiple Democratic 2020 nominees ahead of Trump. Conway shrugged off those numbers by saying the data was “so backwards” for the 2016 election, and she argued that Trump’s record puts him on solid ground for re-election.

Welker noted that Trump went on a Twitter tear against “fake polling” earlier today, also touching on reports that Trump is telling aides to lie about his internal polling.

“We have folks who are familiar with these internal polls that he’s citing who say ‘that’s just not the case,’ that there is concern about internal polling,” Welker said. “Is there?”

Conway’s answer:

“The president will continue to press his message across this country…When the president says we have some of the best numbers we ever had, he means among Republicans and he also means among some of the individuals who voted for him last time. I saw lots of reports where people are trying to say ‘Are union members upset with him?’ Manufacturers and rural America, and yet they’re sticking with him in many of these polls. Also when the president says he has the best numbers ever, he is also talking about the unemployment numbers, growth numbers, the optimism numbers.”

Conway went on to insist Trump has never asked her to mislead on polling before bemoaning the 2016 polls again and “the opponent he beat whose name I try not to say.” She also argued that nationwide polls are not as reliable as statewide polls, even as Welker asked if Trump views Joe Biden as a “threat” with how often he talks about the ex-veep.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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