comScore Kellyanne Conway Blasts Joe Biden's 'Big Lie' on Obama Endorsment

Kellyanne Conway Blasts Biden: His ‘First Big Lie’ Was When He Said He Asked Obama Not to Endorse

Kellyanne Conway went after Joe Biden in an interview with Sinclair’s Eric Bolling Wednesday, accusing the former vice president of lying when he said he told Barack Obama not to endorse him.

Conway said the media allowed Biden to get away with that “big lie,” and that the question for Biden is: “was that before or after you realized [Obama] was not going to endorse you?”

She also questioned Biden’s claim by noting that he’s trying to build his campaign by tying himself to the former president’s legacy.

“The media doesn’t follow up,” Conway grumbled. “They don’t say ‘hey, how are you going to rebuild the middle class economy that actually President Trump has rebuilt because we inherited a big mess owing to Joe Biden’s 8 years as vice-president?'”

Watch above, via Sinclair. The interview starts at 2:45.

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