comScore Kellyanne Conway Boasts That News of Melania Trump’s Surgery Did Not Leak

Kellyanne Conway Boasts That News of Melania Trump’s Surgery Did Not Leak

As Kellyanne Conway went after White House leakers today on Fox & Friends, she made a point of boasting that other news, like Melania Trump‘s operation, was not leaked to the public.

The First Lady has been in the hospital for the last few days in order to recover from surgery on her kidneys. When Conway brought this up today, she seemed to compare it to Mike Pompeo‘s diplomatic trip to North Korea in terms of important White House activities that have not and should not be leaked:

“Most of what goes on here what is known to us is not known to people on the outside and I think that is incredibly important to note also. Think about the things that did not leak. The First lady’s procedure earlier this week – thank god she’s fine – Mr. Pompeo going to North Korea over Easter. The First Lady’s guests at the State of the Union. There were many things never leaked.”

A reminder: the renewed focus on White House leaks started because Kelly Sadler made flippant remarks about John McCain‘s imminent death from brain cancer, which were eventually picked up by the media and made public. Critics are demanding that Sadler publicly apologize for what she said, but the White House has apparently decided that leaks to the media are the only real issue in this controversy.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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