Kellyanne Conway Confirms Trump Set to Announce Executive Action on Police, As Protests Continue


President Donald Trump’s counsel Kellyanne Conway confirmed to Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on Monday that the president will be announcing new executive action on law enforcement amid protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks.

On the death of Brooks, Conway said, “Obviously the entire country, the world in fact, watched the tape of George Floyd from several weeks ago now in great disgust and horror. I’ve said that he was murdered before our eyes, a slow and senseless murder. That is true now. We today see a widow, another family heartbroken because of what’s happening in Atlanta.”

“I certainly don’t want to involve myself in the investigation that your reporter just said needs to take place in Atlanta where it belongs, but everybody should feel grief and sorrow for the family of Rayshard Brooks, and again, we have to heal,” she continued.

Conway added that “the president is very committed also to making sure law enforcement has the resources and the respect that they deserve to be able to do their job,” before declaring, “Somebody like the murderous cop in Minneapolis against George Floyd, he had more than a dozen complaints against him. The union is protecting him, he’s eligible for a pension. I mean there all kind of things that can be done so we can ensure people are doing their job.”

After Faulkner asked Conway about “an executive action on law enforcement” which “the president is getting ready to announce,” and remarked, “For all the reasons you and I have been talking about for weeks now, this is so needed. So now it’s time to drill down,” Conway responded, “Well, there are several principles that have been discussed.”

“Obviously the president has been listening to many different people across the aisle, and across the country, when he is formulating these ideas, and he has a very large group of people helping him with that as well,” Conway detailed. “So he will announce that tomorrow. But I think it won’t surprise you that he’ll be talking about the role of law enforcement, making sure that people understand the role is to keep their communities safe and their neighborhoods protected, and that we don’t want to cast aspersions over an entire industry, any industry.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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