Kellyanne Conway Hits Acosta: No Young Woman Should Have Someone ‘Swiping Away at Them’


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway falsely accused CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta of “swiping away” at the “young woman” who tried to take away his microphone after President Donald Trump’s verbal altercation with him yesterday.

“She was just doing her job, which was to reclaim the microphone that belongs to the federal government, and hand it to the next reporter,” Conway said during an appearance on Fox News this morning.

“Obviously, I don’t think anybody should have, any young woman, particularly, should have swiping away at them, grabbing the microphone back,” she added. “That’s very unfortunate. I have talked to that young woman, she is very brave and just doing her job.”

Footage of the incident shows Acosta guiding the microphone away from the staffer and saying “pardon me, ma’am” after their arms lightly made contact while she reached for the device.

There has been much controversy over if Acosta was trying to physically get the woman away from him or if the hand brush was an accidental touch, as the White House used the former accusation to justify taking Acosta’s press credentials.

On that issue, Coway said “there are journalists here at the White House who every single day try to do their job by getting the story, others try to get the president.”

She continued by claiming that members of the media talk to her about how those reporters grandstand:

“They shall remain nameless right now, and I think that some people like to grandstand and be part of the story — there is no question about that. We hear that from other journalists. Maybe they will not come forward and say that, but they say that. They think that some people, not to name names, but make everybody look a little less authoritative and less biased.”

Conway concluded the segment by bringing up last night’s protest at Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house.

“It’s dangerous — I’ve been physically touched, I have been yelled at, my kids have been threatened. Tucker Carlson, your colleague, he had a mob show up at his house last night, his wife was hiding in a pantry,” she said. “Let’s talk about red-hot rhetoric. I will stand here all day long in my four inch heels and talk about it, but I will not let it be made to be the president’s fault.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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