Kellyanne Conway Corrects Fox News Reporter John Roberts: Trump is ‘Not Being Vicious Toward’ Pelosi


Kellyanne Conway took issue with how Fox News reporter John Roberts is characterizing the dynamic between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Roberts spoke to Harris Faulkner from the White House on Wednesday to help cover the news that Trump will go ahead with the State of the Union next week, despite Pelosi’s recommendation that he postpone it. As Roberts delivered his report and described how the development factors into Trump and Pelosi’s dispute, he said at one point “this back and forth between the two has become so vicious that I think all bets are off here.”

Harris spoke to Conway right after Roberts’ package, and early in the interview, the White House special counselor took issue with how Roberts suggested Trump was “vicious” to Pelosi.

“The president is not being vicious toward Speaker Pelosi,” Conway said. “I was there in the Oval when he was writing this letter, when he was sending out. He was not being vicious at all, he said ‘I want people to make their plans.'”

Conway continued to argue that the letter was about settling the question of whether or not the address was going to happen. She continued to insinuate that Pelosi has a problem with her temper, wondering if the Speaker intends on disinviting guests the Trump family intends to bring to the Capitol

“If Speaker Pelosi wants her to disinvite those people as well, or not give enough seats to be able to invite all these guests that represent the best of America and the best of America’s spirit, then she is going to have some explaining to do. I think fundamentally she is someone who doesn’t always have control of her temper about the president, but she often doesn’t have control of her own chamber.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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