Kellyanne Conway Somehow Turns Question About Trump’s False Murder Accusations Into Anti-Abortion Screed

When White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was asked about President Donald Trump’s false murder accusations, she somehow turned the question into an anti-abortion rant, adding that she “thinks all life is precious.”

A reporter called attention to Lori Klausutis widower, Timothy Klausutis, who asked Twitter to remove Trump’s tweets, which falsely accuse Joe Scarborough of murdering his congressional staffer in 2001.

The reporter then asked if the president should stop peddling this conspiracy theory, which Mr. Klausutis himself labeled a “vicious lie” that “perverted” the memory of his dead wife.

Conway expressed that she was sorry for the family’s loss, adding that she values all life, regardless of how old the individual is are or how they die.

“I think all life is precious. Unborn, born,” she added. “Whether they die at 28 for a different reason, whether they die from Covid, whether they die from suicide, drug overdose, abuse because they’re in lockdowns. Every life for me is precious.”

Conway then used Klausustis’ death, the deaths of Covid-19 patients, and victims of domestic abuse to blast Planned Parenthood and go off on an anti-abortion screed.

She urged reporters to look at videotapes that show “those awful women at Planned Parenthood” admitting, under oath, to selling the body parts of babies and human fetal tissue.

“Disgrace, on your taxpayer dollars, by the way,” she added. “They get half a million dollars a year in taxpayer money. They give 99 percent of their political money to Democrats, maybe higher now, and they should be held to account.”

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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