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Kellyanne Conway Spars With Chris Cuomo Over Harvey: ‘I’m Not Defensive at All’

With CNN anchor Chris Cuomo getting some prime time action this week, I guess we shouldn’t be too shocked that he brought on one of his favorite sparring partners — White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

In a typically lengthy segment featuring these two, Cuomo and Conway began their battle by talking about Hurricane Harvey and the Trump administration’s response to the storm. After the White House aide said that she hoped that Congress wouldn’t play politics when it came to issuing emergency funds for victims, Cuomo brought up how Republicans did that very thing following Superstorm Sandy, something that has received a bit of attention lately.

“We hope it will be bipartisan in nature,” she responded. “So few things in this city have been since we arrived in January. We can’t seem to get many Democrats at the table for big, meaningful initiatives and that’s very disappointing.”

After Conway added that the president is doing what he can to provide immediate relief to Harvey victims, Cuomo brought it back to Congress and the ability to get emergency funds approved, highlighting that the president may need to choose between his coveted border wall or disaster relief.

“Well, Chris, that’s not very fair,” Conway responded. “And I heard you three times in a row get the same sound bite out, so let me reply in kind.”

The two then went back and forth over the issue for several more minutes, with Conway claiming the CNN anchor was “playing politics” by bringing up the Sandy votes while Cuomo noted that Republican excuses that the Sandy bill was pork-laden have been ruled false.

Eventually, Conway pivoted by bringing up CNN panels and how Trump supporters are outnumbered on them, leading Cuomo to wonder aloud why she was bringing up panels during the discussion.

“I’m not defensive at all,” Conway responded after the CNN host told her she didn’t need to be defensive. “I don’t feel defensive at all.”

Cuomo then tried to shift the topic to what impact climate change had on this storm and flood, with predictable results, as Conway chastised him for mentioning it while people were suffering and needing help.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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