comScore Kellyanne Conway: The Mainstream Media Wants to Boil SCOTUS Down to ‘Only Abortion or Guns’

Kellyanne Conway: The Mainstream Media Wants to Boil SCOTUS Down to ‘Only Abortion or Guns’


Just one day after the dramatic vote that led to the confirmation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway was on ABC’s This Week to talk abortion and the future of SCOTUS now that a new, conservative justice is in the ninth seat.

ABC’s Jon Karl got the ball rolling by asking Conway if it is the expectation that “Roe v. Wade be overturned.”

Conway replied: “Justice Kavanaugh — Justice Kavanaugh, I love that — said during his testimony that he believes Roe versus Wade is — is settled law.”

Then after a bit of crosstalk, Karl asked again if she expects Roe v. Wade will now be overturned.

“That is the issue here. Those cases will get to the Supreme Court someday,” Conway replied.

Then, finally Conway said this: “People are going to look at state law and the circuit law and they’re now going to look at issues like late-term abortion, they’re going to look at sex-selection abortion, they’re certainly going to look at abortion after non-partisan scientists and doctors a fetus can feel pain.”

She continued on: “This matter on the whole left of abortion any time, anyone, anywhere on demand with absolutely no common sense applied to it whatsoever, the fact that Planned Parenthood gets a half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer funding and then turns around and uses it to support Democrats is not what most Americans think of when they think of Planned Parenthood.”

She then pointed fingers at the mainstream media.

“I know the mainstream media wants to boil the Supreme Court down to only abortion or guns,” Conway said, before noting this week SCOTUS is actually talking about asbestos claims.

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