Kellyanne Conway: Trump’s ‘I Am Being Investigated’ Tweet Was Highlighting ‘The Irony’

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to preview President Donald Trump’s message in anticipation of his rally in Cedar Rapids slated for Wednesday.

“Let’s preview what he’s already said about it,” the White House counselor started, before cycling through this week’s greatest hits from the president’s Twitter account: “That there’s no obstruction of justice, he’s not under investigation, there’s no collusion, it’s a witch hunt.”

“Jim Comey testified that the president is not under investigation,” Conway added, though it’s important to note that Comey would not be aware of any investigation looking at Trump after he was fired in May.

Ainsley Earhardt then asked Conway about Chris Wallace’s fiery exchange with Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, in which Sekulow attempted to reconcile the president’s tweet stating “I am being investigated,” and his legal team’s contention that he is not under investigation for potentially obstructing justice when he fired former FBI director James Comey.

“And that’s the president’s personal lawyer. He’s saying that nobody has ever notified the president that he is under investigation, in fact Mr. Comey himself has said that he is not,” Conway said.

Of course, as CNN’s Chris Cuomo harped on in his interview with Sekulow from Monday morning, just because Trump has not been notified he is under investigation does not mean that he is not.

Conway went on to note that the president’s tweet was a response to a Washington Post report citing anonymous sources claiming special counsel Robert Mueller was investigating the president for obstruction.

She added that Trump is simply using his “140 characters, through his significant social media platform, Ainsley, telling everybody ‘wow, look at the irony here.'”

Steve Doocy noted that an ABC correspondent reported on Sunday that there has been no decision over whether to mount an investigation into Trump.

Brian Kilmeade then asked Conway about the team conducting the Russia probe, and if “the president as concerned as Newt Gingrich about the makeup Robert Mueller’s team.”

Conway responded that information about Mueller’s hirings is important for people to have, noting “I think it’s relevant that people know that Mr. Mueller’s team includes folks who gave significant amounts of money — one person, I read, gave more money than a single mom makes in over a year just to Hillary Clinton.

“That’s relevant information for people to have,” Conway concluded.

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