Kellyanne Mocks Trump’s Critics For Fearing Him in Person: Their ‘Knees Start Knocking’


It appears that White House Special Counselor Kellyanne Conway has been listening to a little too much Drake lately as she mimicked the rapper’s lyrical attack style when going after President Donald Trump’s media critics.

In his famous 2015 diss-track against Meek Mill titled Back to Back — Drake accused the fellow rapper of having “Twitter fingers,” which is a term that refers to a person who will mouth-off on social media but won’t back it up in real life. Similarly, Conway claimed members of the mainstream media who are very vocally anti-Trump on Twitter are too scared to voice those criticisms to his face.

During an interview with Fox News this morning, Conway said, “I’ve seen this many times — that people are very bold on social media against the president. Very bold on TV against the president.”

“But when they’re in his company, the knees start knocking. I’ve actually had to pick up people’s cell phones that they’ve dropped and hand it back to them,” she continued — with an exaggerated eye roll.

Of course, it’s ironic that Conway would accuse the president’s critics of being social media-tough when she works for arguably the Twitter finger king, as Trump frequently attacks foreign leaders, top members of the Republican Party, and media personalities on his timeline — but then acts cordially with them in-person.

Conway went on to sarcastically call out the political media’s anti-Trump stance, saying, “It’s very fascinating to see people who are very bold against the president and, by extension, against his agenda — that got voted on.”

“In the meantime, [the media’s] New Year’s resolution should be more fair and accurate reporting,” she added.

Watch above via Fox News and Think Progress’ Aaron Rupar.

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