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Fair or Unfair? Megyn Kelly Examines Suspension Of Viral Video Bullying Victim Casey Heyes

In today’s session of Kelly’s Court, host Megyn Kelly brought on trial attorney Lee Armstrong and attorney Mark Eiglarsh to discuss whether a school was right to suspend both a bully and his victim after the latter, a boy named Casey Heynes, bodyslammed his attacker. (If this all sounds familiar, it’s because video of the incident went viral, even popping up on SportsGrid).

Armstrong celebrated Heynes for using “street justice” to stand up for himself, going so far as to describe his actions as being “like in a Wii game” controlled by the average viewer.

Eiglarsh, meanwhile, said that, as a lawyer (but not as a dad), he couldn’t advocate the use of vigilante justice, and that the boys’ school was right to suspend them both for acting violently. Not doing so, he argues, would have sent the message that, when bullied, it’s preferable to bodyslam your opponent rather than “turn the other cheek” and inform a teacher about the abuse.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Kelly. “It would probably put an end to bullying a lot faster.” She also argued that the Heynes was acting, legally speaking, in self-defense. Eiglarsh, however, said that, while that defense would be sound, it has little to do with how the school should handle the situation.

Kelly’s final verdict, interestingly, places blame on the school itself for “allowing” the kind of environment where such a fight could take place.

Watch the segment for yourselves, courtesy of Fox News:

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