Ken Cuccinelli Clashes With Cuomo Over Mueller Report: ‘Back-Patting’ of Media Here is Incredible


Chris Cuomo and CNN commentator Ken Cuccinelli got heated this afternoon over the release of the Mueller report and earlier commentary on how the media covered the Russia story from the beginning.

Cuomo asked how Trump supporters can look past the wrongdoing detailed in the report, including how people lied.

Cuccinelli hit back that there’s no evidence of collusion and that “the back-patting here of the performance of the media… is incredible, given the factless, baseless advancement of the collusion theory no matter what information came out.”

“How are you defining collusion?” Cuomo countered.

Cuccinelli said it’s “how this has been discussed from the beginning” and that all Bill Barr did was just explain what happened.

Cuomo argued Barr was clearly acting as “the president’s advocate,” and Cuccinelli called him “a more objectively operating person” than he’s getting credit for.

“Is there proof of a criminal conspiracy where Trump or people around him… acted as an agent for Russia and involved in their interference? No, says Mueller, I haven’t seen proof,” Cuomo said. “Were they open for business? Yes. Did they take meetings they shouldn’t have? Yes. Did they seek benefit from places they shouldn’t have? Yes! Did they lie about all of those things repeatedly? That is bad behavior.”

Cuccinelli fired back that even though there was no coordination, he wants to “stretch that into” a need to investigate more without basis.

Cuomo said it’s not wrong for him to point out Trump “couldn’t be less innocent, he’s just not guilty of a crime.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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