Ken Starr ‘Disappointed’ in Mueller for Letter to Barr: It Was ‘Unreasonable’


Former Whitewater independent counsel Ken Starr has made a lot of media appearances over the past few months to weigh in on the Mueller probe, and this morning on Fox News he expressed some serious criticism of Robert Mueller.

Starr has said he believes Mueller to be a “man of integrity,” but he’s expressed concerns about some people around the special counsel that just last month he said raises serious concerns about whether the final report would be written “in a fair and balanced way.”

Starr spoke with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto today about the Democrats blasting Attorney General Bill Barr. He said they’re unfairly and “viciously” attacking an honorable man.

At one point Cavuto brought up the letter Mueller sent Barr taking some issue with his summary letter on the principle conclusions of the full report.

Starr called it an “unreasonable” letter and criticized Mueller:

“I’m very very disappointed in someone who I have great respect for, and that’s Bob Mueller. He should not have written that letter and then Bill Barr did exactly the right thing by calling him up and saying what’s the problem, where is the beef? And to say then that it wasn’t accurate just suggests to me that Bob Mueller did a great disservice to the Justice Department and to Bill Barr. Those are strong words, I usually am a little bit more restrained, but I’m very upset about Bob Mueller sort of opening the doors to the Democrats’ vicious attacks on a very honorable attorney general.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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