Ken Starr: If Trump Fires Mueller, ‘There Will Be Hell to Pay’


The former independent counsel whose investigations led to the Bill Clinton impeachment proceeding has a warning: if President Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller, there will be “hell to pay.”

Ken Starr made his remarks during a conversation with Bloomberg’s David Westin.

After comparing the Clinton investigation to the investigation going on now, talk turned to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“The Attorney General does report to the President of the United States, at the pleasure of,” Westin asked. “Why doesn’t President Trump just fire Jeff Sessions?”

He added: “And by the way what would be the consequences if he did that and got rid of Mueller?”

“I think that there would be hell to pay if the president fired Mueller or ordered the firing of Bob Mueller,” Starr replied.

Then, after calling Sessions an “honorable person” who understandably recused himself, he noted that while it was Trump’s prerogative to fire Sessions, it would be very hard to get a new attorney general confirmed and Rod Rosenstein would end up serving as acting attorney general “indefinitely.”

Watch above, via Bloomberg (the relevant part starts around the 4:30 mark).

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