Kennedy Tears Apart ‘Dipstick’ Donny Deutsch in Brutal Tirade: He ‘Can’t Get Over His Seething Jealousy’ of Trump

Fox Business’ Kennedy gave a very…adjective-filled monologue on Wednesday night brutally slamming “dipstick” Donny Deutsch for his recent commentary on President Donald Trump‘s hunger for power.

Deutsch’s colorful anti-Trump commentary is well-known to anyone who follows Mediaite, and the MSNBC once suggested Trump might refuse to give up the White House if he were to lose re-election in 2020.

Kennedy took notice of this, and it prompted her to go on a heated diatribe mocking Deutsch’s “condescending rant” and “half baked terrors” that the president will never willingly leave office.

“It’s always cloudy in Deutschland where the other Don can’t get over his seething jealousy at Trump’s political success. Deutsch has always said the darnedest things about the President, employing a special brand of vitriolic hyperbole in describing 45 as an ugly, racist sociopath. When dipstick Donnie isn’t dreaming of new epithets, he’s crafting delusions in the sad taint of his mental mold as though they are actively happening in the present.”

After Kennedy announced her grand takeaway that “Donnie Deutsch will never be president,” she opened the floor up to her panel and asked whether Deutsch’s kind of commentary is gonna do Trump’s critics any favors in 2020. This led to Kennedy calling Deutsch’s commentary “a sign of mental illness,” among other things.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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