Kentucky School Shooting Survivor Describes Harrowing Scene: ‘I Ran as Fast as I Could’


A high school shooting in western Kentucky left two students dead and 18 more wounded on Tuesday morning, with police taking an unnamed 15-year-old suspect into custody.

One of the survivors of the horrific shooting at Marshall County High School, senior Kennadi Spraggs, spoke to ABC News and described the event as it unfolded.

At first, she thought the gunshots were balloons popping.

“I heard five more, and it was, like, unmistakable,” she said. “You knew it was about to be really bad. Everyone was just screaming and crying and running and saying ‘get down.’ No one knew what to do.”

Spraggs said that, instead of getting down, she ran as fast as she could away from the 15-year-old shooter, whose motive remains unknown.

“I thought that if you get down, there’s a chance that you’ll never get back up,” she said. “I just took off. I ran as fast as I could.”

The teen is thankful she got away and survived, but is devastated that many of her classmates were not so lucky.

“My instincts just kicked in and I just ran as fast as I could out of the school,” she said, tearing up. “There’s so many people who weren’t as lucky as I was to be able to get out.”

Another student, Bryson Conkwright, appeared on GMA, recounting a similar story of chaos to host Robin Roberts.

“I see this kid draw up his gun and he just points it,” he said. “He’s shooting at us and I was just sitting there in shock and watching my friends and people that I’ve known forever … just dropped. It was unbelievable.”

The Kentucky attack was the 11th school shooting of 2018. Yes, you read that right. 11 school shootings in 23 days.

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