Kevin Costner Explains His Oil-Cleaning Centrifuge To Anderson Cooper

Kevin Costner has gotten a fair amount of press lately for his oil spill cleanup project that is 17 years in development and counting. Costner, who has been working on a centrifuge system to clean up oil spills since the Exxon Valdez disaster, spoke to Anderson Cooper last night to discuss his machine’s ability and the road bumps keeping it from getting it to in the Gulf of Mexico.

The machine, which Costner explained as working on a “centrifuge system, and centrifuges have been around forever,” is a large but movable machine that Costner believes could be much use to clean up the mess in the Gulf. According to Costner, it can filter 200 gallons a minute to 98% separation of water and oil.

Cooper, impressed by the statistics, was most shocked that the machine did not meet with much support according to Costner because he was told “it wasn’t necessary” and that “people thought spills were over.” While Costner was not shocked at the rejection, he did admit that “what’s been amazing to me is that it’s taken so long” to the machine out and in use but, he joked, “I guess the movies I make are long, too.”

Video below:

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