Kevin McCarthy Defends Nunes Over Call Logs in Report, Rails Against Schiff: Has ‘Long History’ of Lying


Top House Republicans spoke earlier tonight on the impeachment report released by the House Intel Committee Democrats and railed against the process — and Chairman Adam Schiff in particular.

The report includes call records showing calls between Rudy Giuliani and a number of people, including Devin Nunes, who himself is listed as having a call with Giuliani’s indicted associate Lev Parnas.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was asked about Nunes’ contacts with Giuliani and Parnas earlier tonight and he brought up the report that Nunes is now suing CNN over.

Of the phone call, McCarthy said, “I don’t have a problem with Devin talking to individuals. What was claimed about Devin on CNN on a national news media is that he went to Vienna to meet with individuals. He was not in Vienna. That was a lie, just like many lies before, and it seems like a perpetual thing of what we do.”

Both McCarthy and Doug Collins blasted Schiff, with Collins saying the chairman should testify and asking, “What are you hiding? Why are you scared?”

McCarthy was asked again about Nunes in the call records and whether he should “explain what these conversations and interactions were.”

“Is it appropriate for him to put a fellow congressman’s call records out there like that?” the reporter added.

McCarthy went off on Schiff again and said, “Adam Schiff has a long history with a problem of telling the truth. He also has a long history to do anything above and beyond and even lying if it takes to impeach the president.”

“Devin Nunes has the right to talk to anybody,” McCarthy said again. “What they accused Devin Nunes of doing — of going to a country that he was not at — and as a job of being on the Intel committee… he has to travel, and Adam Schiff would know exactly where Devin was traveling at that time. But to perpetuate a lie is nothing new to Adam Schiff.”

When asked what happened on Nunes’ calls, McCarthy said, “That’s a question for Devin. But Devin has the right to talk to people. There’s nothing wrong that Devin has done, except once again, he’s trying to get accused of something. It is a simple smoke screen.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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