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Kevin Smith Compares Howard Stern To Schoolyard Bully Who Makes Guests Run “Gauntlet Of Insults”

On HLN’s Joy Behar, director Kevin Smith talks about his decision to stop appearing on Howard Stern‘s radio show, saying it’s not because the two stars are having “a feud,” but rather, he’s just not willing to put up with what he described as Stern’s bullying tactics. “I’m too old for that,” he tells host Joy Behar in an interview set to air Friday.

Smith says after a long run of appearances with Stern, his final visit to the show “broke (his) heart,” when he says Stern mocked him for “always calling in and trying to be on the show,” something Smith says isn’t true. He compared Stern to a “popular kid” who’s nice in private, but “then, when other people are looking, he’s like, ‘look at the fat guy! Fat guy’s a loser!'”

“I’m not mad at him,” Smith says. “I’d much rather go someplace where they share the ball and they aren’t going to make you feel bad.”

Watch the clip here, from HLN:

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