Key & Peele Town Hall Sketch Keeps Creeping on ‘Gay’ Audience Member

During the past decade of the 24-hour news industry’s coverage of politics, so-called “Town Hall” meetings have become something of a circus sideshow. Whether it’s televised expressions of collective rage, or post-meeting reports of attendees who say the darnedest things, these events are rife with entertainment and devoid of bona fide content. That’s probably what encouraged Comedy Central’s Key & Peele to satirize them in their new “Town Hall” sketch.

While Keegan-Michael Key expertly adopts the role of the talking points politician — complete with Joe Biden‘s actual hair — Jordan Peele is regularly accosted by the cameraman throughout. He’s the unfortunate, doesn’t-quite-look-the-part attendee who a producer probably assumed would be a good cutaway during Key’s speech. And the cutaway’s topic? Marriage equality and being gay.

It’s no “Don’t tase me, bro!” moment, but it pretty much sums up just how ridiculous “Town Hall” meetings have become.

Check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

[Image via screengrab]

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