Kim Davis: ‘I Have Friends Who Are Gay’ Who I Denied Marriage Licenses

Kim DavisKentucky clerk Kim Davis spoke out in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, and said she was not a homophobe because some of her best friends were gay.

“I have friends who are gay and lesbians. They know where I stand,” Davis said. “And we don’t agree on this issue and we’re okay because we respect each other.”

“So you would deny your friends who are in gay relationships, you would deny them a marriage license as well?” asked ABC’s Paula Faris.

Davis said she already had. “I can’t put my name on a license that doesn’t represent what God ordained marriage to be.”

“People will question: why is your moral conscience, Kim, more important than someone’s happiness?” asked Fais.

“I don’t think dignity is guaranteed in the Constitution. I think dignity is something that you find within yourself,” Davis said. “I feel really sad that someone could be so unhappy with themselves as a person that they did not feel dignified as a human being until they got a piece of paper. I mean, there’s just so much more to life than that.”

Watch, via ABC.

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