Kimmel Accepts Roy Moore’s Challenge… To An Actual Fight: ‘Alright, Tough Guy? With Your Little Pistol!’


On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel continued his feud with GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

It all began on Wednesday when Kimmel sent a comedian to disrupt Moore’s rally. That prompted the candidate to challenge Kimmel on Twitter to come down to Alabama and mock Christian values “man to man.”

Kimmel then accepted the challenge, but said he would “leave his daughters at home.”

He addressed the the ongoing conflict on his show.

“I accept the invitation, I will come down there,” Kimmel said. “What I’m going to do is- and I think you’re going to like this Roy. I’m going to come down to Gadsden Alabama with a team of high school cheerleaders, okay? We’ll meet you at the mall. Don’t worry, I could get you in.”

He told Moore if he can control his excitement and “keep Little Roy in your little cowboy pants,” they’ll sit down at the food court and talk about Christian values.

“When you commit a sin, at our church, we’re encouraged to confess and ask for forgiveness for the sin, not to call the women you allegedly victimized ‘liars’ and damage them even more,” Kimmel continued.

Kimmel then wondered if Moore’s “man to man” challenge was for a fight, which Kimmel would still accept the invite.

“There is no one I would love to might more than you,” he said. “I will put my Christian values aside just for you and for the fight. If you are challenging me to a fight, here’s what we’ll do: Let’s find a place to do it. I’ll wear a girl scout uniform so you can have something to get excited about. And the winner- whoever wins the fight, will give all the money we charge for the tickets to charity. My charity will be the women who came forward to say you molested them, okay? Alright, tough guy? With your little pistol!”

He also mocked the judge for refusing to debate his Democratic challenger Doug Jones.

“Maybe if he went ‘man to man’ instead of ‘man to little girl,’ you wouldn’t be in this situation,” Kimmel added.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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