Kimmel Addresses ABC’s ‘Huge Blow’ in Canceling Roseanne: ‘We Don’t Have Much on This Network’


Jimmy Kimmel reacted to the sudden cancelation of ABC’s mega hit Roseanne.

On Tuesday, a tweet made by Roseanne Barr went viral attacking former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, calling her the “baby” of “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.” Within hours, ABC announced that it would be canceling the show.

“You’re not going to believe this… but she tweeted something outrageous,” Kimmel sarcastically said to his audience. “ABC decided to cancel its highest-rated show Roseanne following a tweet in which Roseanne compared an African American woman, a former advisor to President Obama to an ape, which did not sit well with ABC management or with anyone with a brain really.

Kimmel called the cancellation a “huge blow” for ABC and had some fun at his own network’s expense.

“We don’t have much on this network- we’re hoping that the NBA Finals goes eleven games this year. We’re still airing America’s Funniest Home Videos, okay?” Kimmel roasted ABC. “Roseanne was a very, bigly hit for ABC and we needed it!”

He then invoked the classic showbiz motto “The show must go on!” and proposed a way to continue Roseanne without Roseanne with a promo for Dan, obviously starring John Goodman that’ll be “coming this fall.”

Back in March, Roseanne Barr, a staunch Trump supporter, had a fiery sit-down with Kimmel, who is a fierce critic of the president.

“You want Pence for the frickin president?” Barr heatedly asked Kimmel. “Then you zip that f**kin lip!”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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