Kimmel Asks Fashionistas What They Think of Famous Designer Antonin Scalia

In the most recent edition of “Lie Witness News,” host Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew to Fashion Week in New York City to ask so-called “fashion experts” about designers and trends that do not actually exist.

In an always-predictable series of events, the “aficionados” whom Kimmel’s team interviewed gave their honest opinions about “famous designers” like Friends star Chandler Bing, American flag pioneer Betsy Ross, popular wine cooler Bartles & Jaymes, children’s toy Teddy Ruxpin, Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.

A man who claimed he writes fashion reviews for a Mexican newspaper praised Betsy Ross’s colors and textures, and said stars and stripes are “never enough.”

One said “the robe” is a “big trend coming in” thanks to fashionista Antonin Scalia, and another applauded the Robertson family’s “dynasty” and “legacy,” noting how Phil Robertson is continuing a family trend of fashion excellence.

The “experts” were also asked about Heidi Kulm’s faceplant and the new head-less dress. (Newsflash: the former never happened and the latter is not actually a thing)

A few of them even tried on the ridiculous head-less dress, and one said she would pay $3,000 for it.


Watch the video below, via YouTube:

[Image via screengrab]

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