Kimmel Blasts Senators Cotton and Perdue Over Sh*tholegate: ‘They Brazenly Lied’


On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump and Republicans who defended him over his “shithole” remarks.

The late night host first poked fun at Trump’s delayed Twitter denial:

“Yes, please record all future meetings,” Kimmel pleaded. “Because we want that. I support that.”

Kimmel then ridiculed Trump’s choice of nickname for Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) who confirmed to the press that the president said “shithole.”

“Calling a guy named Dick ‘Dicky,’ is that even… I mean, It’s a dicky thing to do, but is it an insult?” Kimmel asked.

He then targeted GOP senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue for initially telling the press they didn’t recall Trump saying what he said but then changing their story to flat-out denying that Trump ever said “shithole.”

“It’s amazing that these guys will lie to cover for Donald Trump. He obviously said it,” Kimmel reacted. “Remember this thing called ‘truth,’ the thing Superman fights for — along with justice and the American way?”

Kimmel insisted that Cotton and Perdue “brazenly lied” on TV “even though there were “multiple corroborating reports from Republicans that the president said this.”

“These two are basically saying ‘We like the story the president made up better, so that’s going to be what happened,'” Kimmel added.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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