Kimmel Gets George Takei to Hawk White House ‘Departed Staffer Commemorative Plates’


Jimmy Kimmel is now attempting to make a few bucks off the onslaught of firings and resignations from the Trump administration.

Kimmel began by addressing the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, which was of course done via Twitter.

Donald Trump spent more time firing Lil Jon than he did the Secretary of State,” Kimmel joked, referring to the Celebrity Apprentice contestant.

The late night talk show host suspected that Trump likes to fire people “just so he can get a piece of going away cake at the party.” He also mocked the report that Trump said he came to his decision “all by himself.”

“Yeah, like a five-year-old,” Kimmel reacted. “Of course you did it by yourself, there’s no one else at the White House anymore! It’s just you and your Slovenian captive.”

Kimmel went on to say that just because these “eliminated” staffers are gone, that doesn’t mean they are forgotten.

“And now for a very low price, each one of them can become an everyday part of your life,” Kimmel said.

Then it cut to an informercial featuring television icon George Takei, who was selling a collection of “Departed Staffer Commemorative Plates.”

The collection featured all the favorites from Sean Spicer, James Comey, Anthony Scaramucci, and Hope Hicks to Steve Bannon, Gary Cohn, and Omarosa Manigault. The offer includes 50 blank plates so that you can keep up with the departures.

“And if you act right now, you’ll receive a bonus- a Chris Christie bottomless pasta bowl!” Takei exclaimed “Like a Trump advisor, this offer won’t be around for long!”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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