Kimmel Hits Obama for Turning LA Into the ‘Traffic Equivalent of the Obamacare Website’

President Barack Obama is in Los Angeles this week, which meant Jimmy Kimmel dedicated some extra monologue time to him. Of course, Kimmel made the obligatory Obama traffic joke, but this time with a new Obamacare spin.

As usual, the president’s motorcade made our normally miserable traffic even worse,” Kimmel said. “He basically turned the west side of Los Angeles into the traffic equivalent of the Obamacare website.”

Kimmel also criticized Obama for only coming to LA when he trying to raise money from the city’s wealthy Democrats. “He’s like a college student who only comes home to do his laundry and steal leftovers from the fridge,” he joked.

Finally, the late night host moved on to other presidential news, this time concerning President John F. Kennedy and CNN’s incessant promotion of their documentary marking the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Kimmel played the clip of Wolf Blitzer’s supremely awkward transition from Secretary of State John Kerry’s Iran announcement to that film Saturday night.

“I’m Wolf Blitzer, reporting from Washington,” the anchor said. “The assassination of President Kennedy begins…right now.”

“Again?” Kimmel asked. “How much must this poor man go through?”

Watch video below, via ABC:

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