Kimmel: If We’re Taking Down Racist Monuments, We Should Take Down Buildings With ‘Trump’ On Them

On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel slammed President Trump for his defense of the Confederate statues.

“President Trump is having a historically bad week,” Kimmel began. “Once again, he took the wrong side of Charlottesville.”

He then read aloud the tweets Trump sent out this morning.

“I do have to say, he makes one good point,” Kimmel reacted. “If we’re gonna start taking down every monument that pays tribute to racists, we should probably take down every building with the word ‘Trump’ on it.”

He mocked Trump for thinking that these white supremacists “are a bunch of art lovers and historical preservationists.”

“He knows we’re not building one for him, right?” Kimmel added.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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