Kimmel: Instead of The Wall, Let’s Give Trump $5B So He Can ‘Shut Up and Go Back to Florida’


On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump’s demand for funding for the wall during the ongoing DACA debate.

Kimmel noted Trump’s late-night tweet attacking “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer” for pulling back his offer of funding the wall from the negotiation table.

“Didn’t Trump say Mexico would be paying for this wall?” Kimmel asked his audience. “He did, right? I’m not nuts!”

Kimmel called “deporting people who came here as children 30 years ago” and separating them from their families is “cruel.” He also said it’s “frustrating” that despite the bipartisan support DACA has in polling, Trump wants to attach “some idiotic demand” to legislation in Congress like “the world’s dumbest wall.”

“It would be cheaper for everyone if we just paid Trump off,” Kimmel continued. “Instead of paying $18 billion for the wall, how about we give you $5 billion to shut up and go back to Florida, okay? He would definitely take the money.”

He then suggested making the wall “profitable” by turning the U.S./Mexico border into a giant strip mall he called the “Mall of the Wall,” which included Claire’s, Foot Locker, Auntie Anne’s, Forever 21, Bath & Body Works, Game Stop, Sunglass Hut, Teavana, Wet Seal, Orange Julius, and Hot Dog on a Stick.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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