Kimmel Mocks Alex Jones for Going Full Hillary-Health Truther Over #PickleGate

KimmelJimmy Kimmel literally can’t believe how he’s become the source of a new conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton‘s health.

The late-night host recently had the former Secretary of State on his show, where they poked fun at the unproven theories advanced by Donald Trump‘s campaign about how she’s brain damaged and/or about to kick the bucket. Kimmel jokingly asked Clinton to prove her fitness by opening a pickle jar, and the segment was seized on by fringe theorists who said Kimmel was covering for her by loosening the jar ahead of time.

Alex Jones and the rest of InfoWars were among those who seized on this line of thinking, and Kimmel mocked him for having enough time on his hands that he saw fit to blow up the “can-spiracy.”

“If you ever feel bad about your job, there is a grown man who spent a full seven minutes yelling about me and a pickle jar on television,” Kimmel said. Of course, Kimmel came clean in a funny bit in which he and Guillermo Rodriguez totally did rig the jar, and now that Jones “blew the lid” on their scheme, Kimmel has no choice but to murder the pickles.

“The New World Order sends its regards,” Kimmel joked. “That’s right. We staged the pickle jar stunt. I guess we should stage the Donald Trump running for president stunt.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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