Kimmel: Mueller is ‘Dotting the ‘I’s in Indictment and Crossing the ‘T’ in Treason’


“All of this is nothing more than a side stage performance in advance of Collusion Palooza,” said Jimmy Kimmel during his opening monologue on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, “the Witch Hunt for Red November could very well be over soon.”

Like the other late night hosts, Kimmel focused on the Mueller investigation again tonight after news broke of the sentencing recommendation from the Special Counsel’s office on the Michael Flynn case.

“Today Trump associate Roger stone pleaded the fifth, which is something a lot of innocent people do. Robert Mueller is reportedly dotting the Is in indictment and crossing the T in treason,” he said. “If you haven’t been following this, we’re at the part in ‘The Godfather’ where Michael Corleone goes to the baptism. That’s where we are right now. And it’ss exciting.”

He pondered the possibility that Trump might not have done anything. Or at least that Mueller would not find that he’d done anything.

“But what if Mueller comes out at the end of all this and says, ‘here’s my report, he’s innocent, he didn’t do it. Ther president’s as clear as a mountain spring.’ Could you imagine?” he said in a tone conveying that the idea is absurd but also terrible. “Of course, Trump would be like, ‘war hero Mueller, good guy, straight shooter.'”

“But that seems unlikely,” he said.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC.

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