Kimmel Turns Neil Gorsuch’s ‘Reality Show’ Nomination Into a Celebrity Apprentice Episode

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at President Donald Trump for taking his Supreme Court nomination and infusing it with the stylings of reality television.

Trump picked Neil Gorsuch to take Antonin Scalia‘s place last night, and the president built suspense over the event by announcing it live and giving the impression that Judge Thomas Hardiman was in Washington as a red herring. Hardiman was thought to be Trump’s most likely choice besides Gorsuch, and Kimmel mocked Trump for how he “freakin’ Ryan Seacrest’ed his choice for the Supreme Court,” by having both of them in the room (it was later reported, however, that Hardiman was never even in D.C.; the head fake from the administration was more or less confirmed by Sean Spicer late Tuesday, who said, “The reality is that to the best of my knowledge he never left the state of Pennsylvania.”)

Of course, Trump did have his own reality show at one point, so Kimmel found a way to imagine what the president’s announcement might have been like he was still hosting Celebrity Apprentice.

Watch above, via ABC.

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