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‘Kinder, Gentler’ John Sununu Tells CNN: You Want To Talk About Felons? Look At Obama’s Chicago Crowd

Former New Hampshire governor and current Romney surrogate John Sununu appeared on Monday morning’s Starting Point, where he surprised host Soledad O’Brien by offering a peek at a new “kinder, gentler Sununu”… who is still blunt as Hell.

Sununu hit on various topics associated with Romney, particularly the call for the candidate to release years’ worth of his tax returns. Ask any American voter at the supermarket what matters to him, he said, and Romney’s tax situation won’t be high on that list.

Panelist Ron Brownstein of the National Journal noted that Romney has been touting his business background as a credential throughout his campaign. “That’s your version of what he’s running on,” Sununu cut in, adding that Romney’s campaign has a two-prong focus: His experience in the private sector, and his background as a governor and not a “community organizer.”

The Obama administration “doesn’t know how to manage a lemonade stand,” he said. As to claims that Romney is a “felon” over questions about his time at and role in Bain, Sununu said that “if you want to move it one step further, they will look back at the background of this crowd that came out of Chicago, and if the President wants to talk about felons we can talk about Tony Rezko, we can talk about his relationship with Blagojevich, we can talk about the fact that these guys like to do business in a way that nauseates the American public.”

Later, O’Brien admitted to being “weirded out” by how nice Sununu had been to her throughout his segment. His response? “Well, you didn’t make any mistakes today, Soledad.”

Check it out, via CNN:

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