Kinzinger Responds to Fox’s Ingraham Mocking Him for Tearing Up at Jan 6 Hearing: ‘A Very Cold-Hearted Thing’


Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R- IL) responded Wednesday to commentary from Fox News’ Laura Ingraham about the January 6 select committee hearing.

Kinzinger teared up Tuesday as he spoke at the hearing where four officers testified about the riots at the Capitol. On her show that night, Ingraham mocked “theatrics” at the hearing with joking awards, including giving Kinzinger and Adam Schiff the award for “best use of tears and dramatic pauses in a leading role.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Kinzinger about this, remarking, “It was really obnoxious and disgusting, one personality on Fox actually mocked you, calling those tears of yours a performance. How do you respond to that?”

“That personality on that television show I don’t think has ever served in uniform a day in his life,” Kinzinger said. (A minute later Blitzer took a moment to correct him and say “her life.”)

“I would argue that that is a very cold-hearted thing or it’s just simply driven on expanding your cold-hearted personality for ratings,” he continued, saying he was moved by the officers “willing to show their vulnerability to 350 million Americans.”

“I think it’s important just to show people that these are human beings, and I think yesterday did a good job of showing the humanity of it outside of the cold political calculations that everybody takes every day out here.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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